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01 September 2009 @ 12:16 am
Happy 20th Birthday, Kaulitz Twins! tl;dr spam  

Okay, I'll ignore my urgent deadline and find the goddamn quote: "The best birthday present I ever got was 10 minutes after I was born." (Tom Kaulitz)
Seems like everyone have no clue where the original article is.
If I fail to find that original article containing that quote.. I'm gonna spam TH interviews that contain the keyword "birthday" mwahaha

Turns ouuut can't find it in my many Notepad files :(( I was sure before, that I've read it somewhere & saved it to Notepad. The closest I got is an article mentioning that quote with scans & translation: http://bit.ly/2qxqIy


All Article source: th_cult

Feb-March ONE translation
Here's a translation for the latest [I think] issue of ONE. It's Arnaud again, not Nicolas, but it's an interview, so that's nice. :)

Tokio Hotel - Time to Review
This December, Bill and Tom treated themselves to a few well-deserved days of rest and vacation under the sun in the Maldives. Arnaud, one of our journalists, was privileged enough to get an interview with them over the phone, in order to sum up and look back on 2007, a year rich in events. Interview.


On a gray day in December, an email from the German management of Tokio Hotel arrives in my inbox, in response to one of my numerous requests for an interview. Because no, contrary to what you might think, even though I work for ONE, I do not have Bill's cell phone number, nor that of Tom. For every interview request, I'm obliged to go through a middleman and take measures that sometimes take a very long time. It all depends on the band's availability. But for the last few months, to my great regret, that availability has been rare ...But let's get back to this exciting email. In his email, my middleman, who I'll call Markus for purposes of confidentiality, informs me that Bill and Tom are currently on vacation on an island in the Indian Ocean, but that if I want to, I can call them at their hotel for an exclusive interview. "If I want to?" And how! Who could refuse an interview with Bill and Tom? Not I. Especially since I have quite a few questions to ask them about the year that just ended. I want to know how they experienced 2007 and what memories they have of all those incredible moments. Are you interested?

Long-Distance Call

Two days later, at the time arranged by good old Markus, I pick up my phone and dial a number that begins with an area code that I've never seen before. Good grief, where are these boys? I have a feeling my bosses are going to have a fit when they get the phone bill...There we go, it's ringing. "Hello, Arnaud?" a familiar voice answers. "Bill Kaulitz speaking. How are you?" "Me, I'm great. And how are you guys? I hear you're catching some rays under the coconut trees? Where are you exactly?" "We're in the Maldives," Bill replies with enthusiasm. "We're having a blast!" The Maldive Islands...A quick search on the internet allows me to visualize where the the boys are. Yes, I admit, geography is not my strong point. The Maldive Islands are south of India, about 8000 kilometers from France. I can hardly dare to imagine how much a vacation there costs... "So, how are you spending your days? There's nothing to do on an island, right?" "Are you kidding? It's amazing! " Bill replies. "We go to the pool, we tan on beaches filled with fine sand, we go surfing, we drink...Basically, we're relaxing, and it's doing us a world of good! Hang on, I'm going to put the phone on the table and put it on speakerphone so Tom can talk to you, too." Great! I greet Tom and ask him how he's been since we last saw each other in Paris: "These last few months have been really exhausting and we needed to recharge our batteries," he confides. "It's good to be somewhere where nobody knows us and we can walk around unrecognized. That hasn't happened for a long time. We're taking advantage of being able to forget music for a little and just do other things. I've even learned how to fish, and I think I'm doing pretty well! It's too bad that Georg isn't here, because, knowing him, he would have been really good at fishing for tuna!" (T/N: ...I don't get it. Because Georg's patient, maybe?) The jokes of good old Tom...even when the Indian Ocean is separating him from Georg, he still finds a way to tease him long-distance ...Okay, well that's all very well and good, but I have an interview to conduct! Are we ready, guys?

The year 2007 was really busy. What event strikes you as most significant in terms of your career?

Bill: There are a lot...The concert we gave in Paris in July, right under the Eiffel Tower, was a big moment for me. To play in front of 500,000 people was both terrifying and exciting...I don't know if the fans noticed or not, but I was a little intimidated on stage that day...

Tom: I agree with Bill. It's rare, but for once, I think he pretty much covered it...As for me, our first concert in Israel was just as significant. I didn't expect to meet so many fans in that little country. We approached the crowd, and some fans even got hurt. It really left an impression on me. That said, it's true that it's hard to pick a specific moment. This was the year that some of our craziest dreams came true.

What rumor amused or bothered you the most over the course of the year?

Tom: The rumor where, on the night of his 18th birthday, Bill supposedly came out of the closet after having a little too much to drink...That made us cry with laughter! Even if it's true that our birthday involved a fair amount of drinking, as far as I know, there was no 'coming out' on Bill's part. Unless I'm not up to date. [Tom turns and addresses Bill] Hey, little brother, are you hiding things from me? Apparently you came out on the internet the night of your birthday...(laughs) The funniest part about it is that none of us have personal blogs...

Bill: It's true that that rumor gave everybody a laugh. Except that afterwards, I was the one who had to reply to all the journalists' questions about this supposed 'coming out.' And that, in turn, was not so funny.

What made you laugh the hardest this year?

Bill: A lot of times we'll have laughing fits after concerts. It's a way for us to relieve stress. When we're worn out, sometimes we'll spend a whole hour laughing like idiots at a really lame joke.

Tom: For that matter, I don't know why, but these are usually jokes about Georg. I have to say that once he starts telling us about his futile plans with girls, inevitably, we just collapse...(laughs)

Did you cry in 2007, and if yes, why?

Bill: Crying, maybe not, but having tears in my eyes, often. But only tears of happiness, during concerts or when we get particularly touching letters from our fans. I've also cried out of rage a few times. Like the day we had to cancel two dates in France during our last tour because I had completely lost my voice. I was so upset that tears came to my eyes. It was a terrible moment. And I swear I'm not just saying that because ONE is a French magazine and I want to be forgiven...

If you had to relive one day in 2007, which would you choose?

Tom: I'd say the day when Zimmer 483 was released and went straight to #1 in the charts. We were really anxious when they released the results and we jumped for joy when we heard the good news. Then, of course, we took the opportunity to celebrate with a party. It's exactly the kind of day I'd like to relive!

A small aside. At this time, Tom addresses his brother: "Hey, speaking of parties, will you pour me another glass, Bill?" Then, conscious that I'd probably heard what he side, he clarified, "It's just orange juice, now. Don't think that we're getting wasted under the coconut trees. That's not our style ..." But let's get back to the interview. I'm daring to ask a belt-level question. Tom should be happy...

And when it comes to girls, was 2007 a good year?

Tom: Hang on, I have to think...[a few seconds of silence] No, actually, it's impossible to say. I can't count them all. Bill, you wouldn't happen to have a calculator on your phone, would you? (laughs)

Bill (to Tom): You're really a lunatic... (T/N: In this sentence he either says Tom is sick or crazy, I'm not sure which. I went with crazy because it's a little less strong.)

Tom: Okay, there we go, I've done the calculation in my head. In total, I must have gotten around 483 [female] conquests under my belt (T/N: Pun not intended...) in 2007. It's the number I was aiming for in the beginning of the year, where the album title comes from...Does that shock you? (laughs)

If you each had to pick one word to best describe 2007, what would it be?

Bill: "Grandiose." (T/N: I'm sure there's some more colloquial way to translate this, but I figured it was a word in both French and English so I didn't bother.)

Tom: "Beyond all of our expectations." It's impossible to put everything in just one word!

And what was the best present somebody offered you in 2007?

Bill: Without a doubt, I'd say the reception we got from our fans in all of Europe, and especially in France, where we feel at home every time we come.

Tom: Yeah, that's a stupid answer...For me, to be honest, the best presents I got came from girls. Do you want me to draw you a picture, Arnaud?

How do you see 2008? Is there an event you're especially excited for?

Bill: To begin with, we're going on a tour all over Europe. That will already be something. We're going to see our French fans again, and, as for me, even if I adore relaxing in the Maldives, I'm already really impatient to go back on stage.

Tom: Our biggest challenge will be to play at Parc des Princes, next June 20. It's a mythical and ultra-prestigious place, since very few artists have played there. We'll be the first Germans to play there, so I'd also like to say that the pressure is already starting to mount. We're incredibly proud and I hope that all our fans will be there to share the moment. After Parc des Princes, if it goes well, we won't have anything else to do but resign, because I don't see anything we could do better than that...

Bill: Don't say stupid things like that! Even after Parc des Princes, we'll still have lots of challenges to face. At any rate, we're not going to just stop when we're on such a roll. Did you drink too much orange juice or something? (laughs)

What would happen if the fans abandoned you and the stadium weren't as full as you'd hoped?

Tom: You wouldn't happen to have another question, would you? (laughs) If you start to pressure us already, we're never going to leave the Maldives! I like it here. The sun, the beach, the orange juice...I don't need anything more to be happy. Oh wait, I've forgotten one thing. There are no girls on this island! Or at least, I haven't found any yet. Now that I think about it, that's not normal. Does my legendary charm have no effect in the tropics? (laughs)

Bill: I think the sun has gotten to Tom's head...going back to Parc des Princes, it's true that there's always the risk that the stadium won't be filled. But we have confidence. Whatever happens, even if the concert isn't sold out that day, we'll give it our all, like we always do. Tom is going to tease me again and say that that's a stupid answer, but it's still true.

With these last words, our interview ends. So while Bill and Tom go back to lazing under the sun, I'm going back to work. Yes, some of us do have to work!

It comes from a really recent interview (3/1/2008) in the Die Zeit newspapers:

Bill : The longest period of time when we were away from each other...
Tom : It was maximum 2 weeks. Bill was in the hospital, he was operated ( dunno the word in English where he got operated..amandels? lmfao). We totally can't stay for that long without each other. We're both make one piece, like one person. This is the way it is, regardless to our differences in clothing, articulating, speaking,.. I know what Bill feels and Bill knows what I feel. We often have our differences ( as in opinion ) - but we work it out between us.
Bill : No one may interfere. What happens between us, stays between us..It's always been like that: Us - against the rest of the world.


Posted: 2007-08-21
Bravos scans of the tattoo
thanks to Zeraphine at THus.
It was translated by Beertje_86 at THus.


Bravo: What will be your next tattoo?
Bill: I don’t know yet, but I really wanna get more done. And they will always have a certain meaning. A pointless picture is nothing for me. But don’t worry, I won’t tattoo my entire body or anything like that. Some places are just off limits. I would never tattoo my “you know what”. (laughs)

Crazy! This is Bill’s new tattoo!

He did it again. One year after the star on his belly Tokio hotel singer Bill has gotten a new tattoo. This time it is the left underarm of the 17 year old. There is written in beautiful letters “Freiheit 89”. What are the secrets behind this writing. Bravo has asked….

Bravo: What does “Freiheit 89”mean?
Bill: On 1 September 1989 where Tom and I born. That means that soon we will finally be 18. We have been looking forward to that for a while. After that you are truly free.

Bravo: What do you mean?
Bill: In Germany you are finally an adult at 18. That means I can finally drive a car and can decide things for yourself. That is just freedom to me. I don’t have to listen to people anymore and can finally do what I want.

Bravo: And why this tattoo?
Bill: It is a birthday present for me – surprise! (laughs)

Bravo: Why before your birthday?
Bill: We have a break from concerts at the moment. A tattoo needs some time to heal so it fits perfectly.

Bravo: Did you design it yourself?
Bill: No, the idea is from the guy that did the tattoo. He also did my star. We have talked about the design for some time now, we had contact through email. And finally it is ready – and I am super happy with it. I really like the way it is written.

Bravo: But it turned out really big, don’t you think?
Bill: Yes, a little. But I wanted it to cover the whole arm.

Bravo: Didn’t it hurt?
Bill: Yes, a lot. Really weird was that last time I got this intoxicating crème to put on it – but I couldn’t use that this time. The crème opens the pores and then it could have got stained. It didn’t hurt as much as the Tokio Hotel logo in my neck though. That was the most intense one.

Bravo: It sounds like your getting used to getting tattoos done even though they hurt….
Bill: Yes, it is really cool. I was very nervous though. A new tattoo is always very exciting.

Bravo: With the star you got into trouble with your mother, did she get mad this time?
Bill: No, in 10 days I will become 18. Nevertheless, she thought it was ok. That is just the freedom I am talking about.

Bravo: In 1989 the wall fell that separated Germany. Has your tattoo also a political meaning?
Bill: No, it hasn’t got anything to do with that. After the tattoo already was done someone pointed that out to me, but when that wall fell I was born – I only know Germany as one country.

Bravo: What will be your next tattoo?
Bill: I don’t know yet, but I really wanna get more done. And they will always have a certain meaning. A pointless picture is nothing for me. But don’t worry, I won’t tattoo my entire body or anything like that. Some places are just off limits. I would never tattoo my “you know what”. (laughs)

Bravo: How about Tom, doesn’t he like tattoo’s?
Bill: No, he doesn’t do things like that but he was there when I got mine. He was really convulsive. (laughs)

Bravo: But a twins-tattoo, that should really be something for you?
Bill: I proposed that too, but Tom didn’t want it. He thinks we are already connected enough already.

Bravo: What have you planned for your 18th birthday?
Bill: We haven’t planned anything really. But it is sure that it will be big with all our friends and family, we’ll just have to see.


Emily, 14, Strasbourg: I would like to know if you [Bill & Tom] are going to the army for your 18 years???
Bill: The military already announced that they would do a physical examination very soon, which is actually happening to all German males around their 18th birthday. After we didn't respond to the official letter they got a lot more serious and threatened to fine us if we don't get back to them. Currently, the status is unclear and we don't know what will happen next.

Source: http://www.sugarmagazine.co.uk/celeb.php?subsection=feature&feature_id=73

RANDOM FOUNDING: 2007-08-26 Bill Question
Hellooo members of The Cult XD yadayada conclusion: is he gay?
best convo at the post between emynona & kiahaha, containing links to articles about twins that reminds me of B&T: http://community.livejournal.com/th_cult/514710.html?thread=19291030#t19291030

(Emynona, if you mind me putting your comment here, feel free to tell me. it's just too good to be shared imo XD)
To complete what I was saying, here are some interesting articles concerning gays and genes:

And, when I said that I didn't know anything about gay twins, it's not completely true, because even if it's not totally related, here's one link:

People like to think these kind of things don't happen, but they certainly not aware that adolescents experiment quite a lot of things, especially boys, and it's not only between twins. There's a lot of stuff sometimes, especially on forums on the subject.
I don't say anything there, but I'm really into psychological stuff and I think it's an interesting subject, especially because it's a big taboo one.

And while I was researching this link, I also found that:

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ONE translation


Tokio Hotel - A Little Chat Between Friends
A large number of you wrote to us to let us know your positive impressions following the article in our last issue called "Tokio Hotel: At the Heart of the Steamroller." All your letters were forwarded to Nicolas, our journalist, who as a result decided to take up his pen once more to let you experience his last meeting with Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg. Follow the guide for an interview that's very...relaxed.

First of all, dear readers, I'd like to thank you. Sincerely, I didn't think I would get so many friendly letters when writing about my adventures with Tokio Hotel. I'm well aware that my ability had nothing to do with it, and that if I had recounted in detail my last vacation, camping in Les Flots Bleus, a lot less of you would have decided to reply. That said, just between us, the camping was really nice, but I digress...Since many of you asked for a sequel to this article, I decided to bring you with me once again to my meeting with Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg, who, in the space of two months, have nonetheless come to France five times. At this rate, they could almost just rent a little apartment in Paris...But that wouldn't please everybody. In Germany, where the band is becoming more and more rare, the fans are making faces.

Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg are too busy traveling the world to devote themselves to their native country and maintain a promotion as intense as when they debuted. Such is the price of success. In the meantime, the German fans complain, and, according to certain sources, the band's popularity is dropping over there. Tokio Hotel in a decline? We'll have to see... Since the release of Zimmer 483, despite the cynics who want the band to finally end, Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg have multiplied their success to the four corners of Europe, and it must be said that France has become one of their favorite playing grounds. The boys feel comfortable here, supported by terrific fans. Today, June 16, once more, I have a meeting with the boys to get the scoop on the latest rumors and quench your thirst for cheeky questions. As is often the case, we have our meeting in a beautiful Parisian hotel.

Gold Record
Once more, the information has gotten around. In front of the hotel, a good hundred fans have been on the lookout for several hours for the slightest apparition of the band. It's about 2:00, and apparently, nobody has so much as stuck a nose outside, which doesn't surprise me. By force, I've learned to know the boys' habits when they're in promotion. One of the basic rules is simple: they don't work in the mornings. Indeed, even though Gustav is more of an early bird, the other three are never against sleeping in, especially in the cozy beds of a four-star hotel. For them, an ideal day starts around 11 AM, and, if possible, with a good breakfast in bed...The more weeks that pass, the more in demand the boys become, so much that becomes almost grueling to get a place in the boys' overloaded schedule. Happily, the band is more of a faithful kind and remembers that ONE was there at the very beginning, at the time when nobody was interested in the Tokio Hotel phenomenon yet. It's notably for this reason that there's always a little space for ONE in their schedule. For that matter, that reminds me that I have to thank the boys for the gold record that they had sent to my office. Very sincerely, I wasn't expecting it and I was really touched. For as long as ONE has existed, we've supported tons of bands. But few artists take the time to thank the magazines who support them. So it's nice to note that, in this aspect, as in many others, Tokio Hotel distinguishes itself from the masses...

After talking with the fans outside the hotel for a few moments, I decide to enter the lobby. I've barely gotten through the door when a concierge stops me. "Can I help you?" Apparently, I don't look like a guest in the hotel...The hotel staff has gone all out: nobody can penetrate into the establishment without producing proper identification. The security is particularly strict. I don't know it at the moment, but several fans have already tried to break in this very morning. Since that little incident, the big dogs of security are on the watch. A gorilla as thick as an RV watches me out of the corner of his eye while I explain to the concierge that I've come to interview Tokio Hotel. She asks me who my contact within the record company is. It's a filtering technique as old as the world. If I reply, "It's Robert," I'll be out on the sidewalk in less than five seconds. Luckily, I have the correct answer and I immediately get a reassured smile from my interrogator. While signaling to the security guards that all is in order, she invites me to cross the hall to the elevators, where one of her colleagues will take me in charge.

Between the fans waiting outside and the coming and going of the journalists, the calm and subdued atmosphere of this luxury hotel is somewhat disturbed...Contrary to what one might think, certain luxury hotels don't appreciate this kind of disruption. Mainly because the regular clients don't like the upheaval that surrounds the presence of a rock band in the hotel. It was for this reason that the management at the Hyatt, a luxury hotel in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, decided to no longer accept Tokio Hotel behind its walls. Too many complications, too many disturbances to the clients. The Tokio Hotels (T/N: I've noticed that a lot of French magazines refer to the boys simply as the "Tokio Hotels," which I think has a nice ring to it) consequently chose another hotel, which, by the way, is noticeably more luxurious. Used to the prominent of the world, the new Parisian hotel they chose adapted itself to the popularity of its celebrity guests without difficulty.

It's 2:30 at present, and, in fifteen minutes, it'll be my turn. As usual, I prepared my little list of cheeky questions and, today, I want to tackle this interview by starting with a joke that may be in questionable taste, but which will allow me to test the boys' humor. Although it's our eleventh meeting, I'm going to ask them why they chose to call themselves Tokio Hotel...

Bad Joke
The press associate signals to me that it's my turn. I penetrate into the very beautiful salon where the boys decided to receive the journalists. Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg get up to welcome me, and, like always, our reunion is hearty and friendly. "How are you, buddy?" Tom asks (T/N: 'buddy' was the best word I could come up with for 'pote'). "Did you get the gold record all right?"

"And how! Thank you very much, guys, but you didn't have to..." [Naturally, this is just a manner of speaking. Of course they had to send me that gold record...]

While Georg, as he always does, tries to crush my hand while saying hello, I notice right away that he's gotten a haircut. It's still far from a buzz cut, but, at a glance, it looks like he's cut a good five centimeters. It doesn't seem like much, but it changes his face a little. I wonder if it makes him look a little younger. Unless it isn't the contrary...I don't know much. What I do know is that Georg has cut his hair. What do you think?

As soon as we're all comfortably settled on the sofas, I plug in my microphone and start the interview. As planned, I ask my famous question: "Tell me, guys, why did you decide to call yourselves Tokio Hotel?" Right off, I feel a kind of consternation hang over the room. A little smile immediately appears on Tom's face, and he gives the others a questioning look. On my side, I keep a straight, impassive face, pretending I'm waiting for a real response. I'm starting to pass for a real idiot. I already asked them this question during our very first interview, more than a year ago. But I doubt they remember. No, for the moment, they take me for an imbecile or incompetent. And it's pretty funny, because I am neither.

After several seconds of silence, Tom sighs, rolls his eyes, and takes it upon himself to reply. "Tokio Hotel signifies..." But as soon as he starts to speak, I start to laugh. Gustav exclaims, "I knew it, he was putting us on..." Everybody laughs heartily, except Tom, who seems a little vexed at being taken it. He shakes his head, smiling, and murmurs something I don't understand, but probably runs along the lines of "asshole."

Military Service
This bad joke at least had the effect of completely relaxing the atmosphere. Even though I've started to get to know the boys well, every time we meet for a new interview, there's always a little period of observation, a few minutes during which Tom, Bill, Gustav, and Georg try to stay serious and act professional. Generally, they crack after about ten minutes and the interview ends any which way, when not in a full-out pillowfight. Thanks to my cheap joke, I feel like Tom has only one wish: to go all out and prove to me that he can make jokes as bad as mine. At this point, I have faith in him...Nevertheless, before the interview unravels, there are still two or three serious things I'd like to talk to the group about. First off, an important question: where are Tom and Bill in the whole army situation? For several months, we've read everything and anything on the topic: Bill and Tom are going to join an elite corps, Bill and Tom are going to do civil service, Bill and Tom are going to pass straight to being captains and become musicians in the German army...In brief, a lot of nonsense. "So, guys, what's the last word on the story of military service? You're going to be soldiers, yes or no?" At first, Tom hesitates a little, and then says, "Even if nothing is totally official yet, a priori, we had better avoid the army. We're in the middle of taking the necessary measures at the moment and it's almost done. We'll have the definite answer in a couple of weeks, but, today, let's say the the percentage of chances we won't have to join the army is pretty high. We're crossing our fingers..." Though Tom is the one who answered the question, I see that Bill thinks no less of it and that, for him, joining the army is not the most exciting of projects. Between us, I understand a little. When given the option of giving concerts all over the world or training in the mud, the choice is obvious. But still, you have to have be given a choice...

After the topic of military service, my other questions essentially deal with the band's life while on tour. Since the big series of concerts that will take place in France starting October 10 is approaching, it seems interesting to me to know a little about the daily lives of the boys, sharing the same bus for days. My little pinky tells me that they must have good days after the concerts...As a matter of fact, the first question that comes to mind is simply this: what happens immediately after the concert ends, right when leaving the stage, when returning to the hotel? Does champagne flow every night? Do privileged fans wait for the chance to spend a moment with them? It's Georg who decides to answer this question: "After the concerts, generally, we go straight back to our rooms and, for about fifteen minutes, we do absolutely nothing. We collapse onto the sofas and relax. At first, we don't even talk about the concert. We're so drained that we don't talk at all. We're like four vegetables and it takes us a good fifteen minutes for the pressure to return and for us to regain our spirits. The concerts are fantastic, but very demanding. We're not the type to slack off on stage, and after 90 minutes of performing, we're wiped out." When you see the energy the boys give off on-stage, this answer isn't surprising at all.

There's another question I ask next, which, in my opinion, should interest the fans as the tour approaches. When the group lands in a new city to give a concert, do Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg have the habit of wandering a little around the city in question, visiting museums, going shopping, or anything like that? This time, it's Tom who speaks up, with his trademark candor: "Frankly, museums aren't really our thing! We're always running from one place to another, so our free moments are rare. And when we have a few hours of peace, the last thing we want to do is visit a museum!" Bill continues: "Sometimes, we'll just wander around the streets, without any real point, just to discover the city a little. It's a simple way to immerse yourself somewhere. Even if it's just in the neighborhood around our hotel, it's still interesting." Hearing Bill talk, Tom raises his eyebrows and adds: "It's been a long time since we've done that...If all four of us went out from the hotel today, I won't say how much we'd be grilled by the fans!" The boys laugh while thinking about the riot they'd trigger if they left the hotel to wander around. Bill concludes pensively: "It's true that things are different now. I was thinking of the beginning, when we had our first trips around Europe..."

I rebound, asking them a question that has always intrigued me: what do four boys as recognizable as they are have to do to go out on the streets in Germany? On Sunday mornings, can they go out and buy croissants at the bakery without creating a thermonuclear crush? "We can go out on the streets. It's possible," says Bill with a mysterious air. "There are ways to get by unnoticed." Obviously, I'm not going to be satisfied with such a vague response. I promptly ask Bill for more specifics. "I won't get into details," he says, making a face. "The principle is that we can go almost go around incognito if we do what we need to." I fix my gaze on him, trying to extract more information from the sheer force of my spirit. And it works, because he finishes by adding, "There are two or three elements that are typical of our style, and that's what lets people recognize us. So if we change those things, it's pretty easy to pass by unknown. For example, Tom just has to hide his dreads, put on a pair of sunglasses and some tight pants to be left alone." Tom immediately responds, "Thanks, Bill. You just gave away my secret..." Smiling, he adds, "At the same time, it doesn't bother me if girls recognize me and come to see me. On second thought, thanks, Bill." [General laughter] Gustav brings up an important point: "If we really try to disguise ourselves so we can go out incognito, one of the basic rules is for the four of us not to go out together. Because in that case, disguised or not, we all have the risk of being unmasked."

Mise Au Point [spotlight? No idea what this means, sorry]
It's no secret to anybody anymore that, in the band, the most talkative and extroverted one is Tom. To date, he's the only one who's told certain stories of his without taboo, which has earned him the reputation of being a playboy (T/N: the French expression literally means 'hot rabbit' and that made me laugh so hard, imagining Tom as a rabbit...), according to the fans. Ever since Tom admitted to having gone out with one of his admirers, according to certain rumors, he's been assailed from all quarters by girls trying to seduce him. So, fact or fiction? Tom replies, without needing any persuasion, "About my being a playboy, FACT!!! However, to my great regret, I don't have the impression that the fans are any more enterprising than before. But I still want to say to all the readers of ONE that, frankly, they should try their luck! It's not like I'm going to eat them..." Once more, Tom has succeeded at triggering a general burst of laughter. The interview is about to go off-course...Finally, it's Tom who collects himself first and continues the conversation: "Seriously, I don't believe my statements in the press have changed anything about how the fans behave. As soon as we started to be successful, girls have tried to approach us, sneak into our hotels and find ways to get into our rooms. It's always been like that and, really, I haven't seen any difference these past few months. The only thing that's changed is that our security crew is maybe a little more efficient and, as a result, the number of girls who manage to come near us has gotten smaller. For that matter, it makes me think that I ought to ask Saki to ease up a little. It can't keep going on like that!!!" Once more, a collective burst of laughter. And Georg nods his head to show that he agrees with Tom. Always ready for the chance to report thunderous statements to the readers of ONE, I seize the opportuniy to grill Tom into telling me a racy anecdote he has the secret to. "There are one or two stories that come to mind," he begins with a mischievous air, "but, frankly, I can't talk about them in ONE. I think instead I'll call Playboy to give them an exclusive interview..." This last reply finishes everyone. Gustav is draped on the sofa and laughs while shaking his head. Giving interviews all day such a tedious exercise that the boys take every chance to amuse themselves. They also know that they can let loose around me, because it won't matter. But in a few minutes, right after my interview, they'll receive a journalist from Paris Match, and then they'll have to play the rock-star role and respond to a barrage of serious questions. Maybe one of those will be "What does Tokio Hotel mean?"

Since it seems that Tom is too funny to reply to a question seriously, I try my luck with Bill, asking him when was the last time he felt really privileged, thanks to his rock-star status. Bill reflects for a moment, then responds, "Sincerely, I feel privileged every time I go on stage. It might seem like a stupid answer, but it's true. You can't imagine the feeling unless you've lived it. Even now, I don't know anything that makes me happier than singing in front of thousands of fans. Besides that, evidently, I feel privileged a lot for other things in my everyday life. For example, recently we all wanted to go see Spiderman 3 in theaters. The problem is that even just going to the movies becomes an expedition. You have to plan for a chauffeur, a security service...You have to come a little bit after the movie starts so you don't get noticed, etc...We talked about it to our team, and, two days later, they told us that a movie theater was more than willing to put a whole room aside for us to watch the movie. So all four of us went to see Spiderman 3 and it was awesome!" Georg nods, but adds all the same, "It was true that it was cool, but I was still a little disappointed that there were only the four of us there. There was nobody to throw popcorn at! Honestly, it's one of my pleasures when I go see a movie! Throwing popcorn on the head of somebody who wonders where it came from - that's awesome...And if it ends in a general battle, that's even better!" The boys are so relaxed that I feel like I'm just hanging out with friends, watching a soccer game. Gustav is sprawled on the sofa. Tom has his hands behind his head, being cool. As for Bill, he yawns nonchalantly. On his side, Georg taps his knees with the straw from his Coke, as if he were practicing a song. In a few moments, if this continues, I'm going to take off my shoes, put my feet on the table, and ask the press associate to get me a beer and a bag of chips...It's exactly at this moment that the band's manager comes into the room to tell me it's time to wrap up the interview. I know the rule: the schedule is tight for the boys. I say goodbye while wishing them courage for the rest of the day. As I leave the room, I see them get up and adjust their demeanor. Their faces suddenly change expressions. The cheeky smiles they had just a few moments ago disappear. The boys put themselves back into "Tokio-Hotel mode." The break is over. In a wink of the eye, they activate their sex appeal and rock attitude. The day of work can continue. Bring in the journalists...

This one was a little harder to translate, so please excuse any mistakes [and correct them, please!], but enjoy. :D

And happy birthday, Bill and Tom and early birthday for Gustav!


Boozy Birthday plans for the twins
The boys tell us about their birthday plans in the new issue of Bravo. Thanks to janasternereise at THus for the translation.

Bill: Everybody has to wear chic clothes – with suit and so. Except Tom, who wants to wear a black tracksuit. I have already a suit in my wardrobe.

The twins use a lot „cool youth language“ in this interview, but unfortunately these words are not in my dictionary. Maybe someone else can help me and tell me the right words. Then I will edit the translation...

Bravo No. 36, 29.08.07: birthday-party

That will become the birthday of their life! The Tokio Hotel-twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz will celebrate their 18.th birthday at 01. September. Both megastars are looking forward to that date already for ages. The super-twins tell in an exclusive Bravo-interview, how they will “es krachen lassen” (“really make party”) – and what will change now for them!

Why are you looking so forward to your 18.th birtday?
Bill: We are looking forward to that since 18 years (laughs)! This is the most important birthday at all! It was always so far away. I always made plans with friends and Tom, what we will do then. Since now our whole life is open for us. But the 21st is also cool. Because you can booze then in many countries. (grins!)

That sounds like you wanna really (“es krachen lassen”) make party at your birthday party…..
Bill: I will drink a lot. And I`m happy that I can tell that frankly now. Up to now we were always stresseed, when we were caught by something, that wasn`t allowed at the age of 16 or 17. Though actually every young person does it ….

Tom: Depends on my mood for me, how I will (“abgehen”) celebrate. I don`t make now the plan, to booze totally. But at your 18th birthday you can (”kann man sich mal abschießen”) you “can shoot yourself”……

What have you planned for your birthday party?
Bill: We will celebrate into it at 31. August. We have rent a bar – a room just for us.
The party will have the motto “Casino Night”. Because you can finally go in a casino at the age of 18. We find that cool (“geil”). Everybody has to wear chic clothes – with suit and so. Except Tom, who wants to wear a black tracksuit. I have already a suit in my wardrobe. We let decorate the room now – with cool lounge-furniture and so.

What`s at the menu card?
Bill: I`m planning that right now. Tomorrow I `ll have a date where I will taste everything.
I would like to have Fast Food, but also thailand dainties. It should become more a relaxed eating. People should not sit there stiff with knife and fork, besides they can take always something fresh.

Who will come to your party?
Bill: That will take place in a more small scale. I estimate around 50 people. Acquaintance, relatives, friends and of course family.

Have you sent the invitations yet?
Bill: Yes, we have already something mailed. But I don`t have seen it yet. I believe, the invitations will arrive just one day before the party in the mailboxes. For that reason I`ve preferred to invite everybody via SMS.

Will any VIP-friends come?
Bill: No – we don`t want to have VIP-people at our party. We separate private life and job.
We know some VIPs, but there`s nobody we`re friends with.

What do you wish for your birthday?
Tom: Good question! We are really happy that we`re not invited for ourselves. We wouldn`t know, what we would give us as a present. But we don`t have wishes. The main point is, that all people come and have fun.

And what is up with your driver license?
Bill: Time has thwarted our plans. Actually we wanted to get in a car and start driving. I hope, we can make it soon.

Tom: I hope that, too. Then we could finally visit our families and friends spontanously.

Do you feel actually adult yet?
Tom: We have felt adult since we were 13. We stood in front of a colub and said: „Let us in!“ We were early by ourselves and bore always a lot of responsibility.

Is there something, you always wanted to do? Maybe going in a strip-club?
Tom: I thought about that already. It would be really cool to go in a strip-club – at the Reeperbahn, the red-light-mile in Hamburg, for example. But bordell would be nothing for me. I don`t pay for sex, when I can get it for free – and that since I`m 12! (laughs)

But as adult you`ll become more mature…
Tom: We will see…. I`m not against relationships anyway. But it just didn`t work so far. But maybe now – with 18 (grins).

=3= I didn't save link nor source nor scans here :(

Translation by Zillah

Hamburg. finally 18! Bill and Tom Kaulitz of germany's most successful rockband Tokio Hotel have been throwing a hot secret party for their 18th birthday- in a cool bar made out of ice...

the twins have been inviting 50 hand-picked guests to the "Indochine" in Hamburg- there was a thai buffet with chicken, beef and fruit at the chocolate-fountain.

"we've been renting out this room and celebrating directly into our birthday", says Tom. "right next to us there was this bar that was made entirely out of ice. we were celebrating in there at -5 degrees (celsius) exactly at midnight with vodka and champagne."

the alcohol continued to flow until 5am.

Tom grins: "that's why we've been drinking a lot less in the last couple of months than usually. i guess we've grown out of that."

Bill laughs: "now that we're 18 we don't have to make people believe our vodka drinks are indeed apple juice at parties."

their biggest wish: driver's license.

Tom: "i really wanna finally have sex in my own car."

From beertje_86 at thus, who I gather the original scans came from too:

Ice bar, Casino and Champagne! The Tokio Hotel twins are finally of age!
Everything about the secret party from Bill and Tom…

It is really cold here! Minus five degrees – but the vibe in the Hamburger club is getting hot! Here is where the Tokio Hotel twins, Bill and Tom celebrate there 18th birthday. In a real ice bar – in the middle of the summer. Crazy! Two rooms have the boys reserved in luxurious ice-temple. One Casino- room with two playing tables where you can gamble away and on the other side the cool ice bar. “It was just awesome”, Tom tells. “Right at 12 o’clock midnight we have put on our warm coats and went right towards our 18th birthday party”.
On the guest list: Only the closest friends, the family and the producers team. They celebrated the secret party in style: Exotic drinks, Champagne, Thais buffet and on top a chocolate fountain (Bill: “Oh god, I just love this stuff!”)
Extra for the party there has been a logo designed with three dices that together count the number 18. The big fun was going on at the Roulette table. “Gustav and Georg were really getting into it”, Bill laughs, he has decided to wear a cool gold/black striped suit for the occasion. “They were having dollar makrs in there eyes, luckily we didn’t play for real money!” Really cool suprises could be found at the gift table of the twins. “It is awesome to see what people have turned up with for you”, Bill excitingly tells.
“I especially liked a sculpture that had two pieces. When you put the two together they form a body. It symbolises the connection between me and Tom”, the singer explains.
Finally 18! No surprise the twins were getting loose. Alcoholfree?
Not tonight – that was already told by the twins. And who drank the most? Tom: “We were both a little hang over, but if there is a moment to drink a lot, why not your 18th birthday?!” he laughs.
And Bill? “I t really knocked me out when I went from the ice bar to the Casino room. I first drank a lot of alcohol there and wasn’t really aware of it all until I went there, you really have to watch out with that!”
And something else can be concluded from this night: Bill and Tom are really Party-kings: when the twins left the IndoChine at 5:30 in the morning, it was already light.
“The party was everything we wanted it to be”, Bill tells tired but happy. Then they are off to there next big task: Sleeping….

Tokio hotel NRJ sans interdit
Hey guys ! the boys were at a french radio tonight , NRJ.
I recorded when I was listening...

yadayada (i cut it)

guy01: another question by sms, what was the best present from a fan for your birthday ?


..the boys are thinking...

tom: it's quite hard cause' we got a lot , and we opened only the half of them.
bill: but it was great to have personal presents , like a statue, it's 2 bodies, when you assemble them it makes only one body and it represents tom and I and I think it's so cute.
guy01: oh yeah it sounds great.
bill: and fans made us unbelievable things like big portraits, they really did everything to please us so it's great.
guy01: okay.
guy02: how many undies from fans have you got ?
guys: hahahah
georg: enough
bill:we gave them to all our mothers and grandmothers etc...
gus;tom & georg: hahahaha
guy01: okay a string would be weird on the grandmother haha
guys: hahahahahha yeahh
bill: my great grandmother exactly hhahaha


Because this was just too funny....
(translation of a German article about the twins and their early childhood)

Children's Party with Tokio Hotel

14-year-old Viktoria Dräger is a Tokio Hotel fan, like millions other teenagers. But she was playing with the two front guys of the most successful German band, when they were still going to kindergarten in Krähewinkel.
From 1993 till they started going to school in 1996 the mono zygotic twins Bill (singer) and Tom (guitar) lived in Birkenweg 66b and were celebrating their birthdays with the children of the neighborhood.

Viktoria ist still living across the street "We had this big bathtub where the twins loved to take a bath" , says Viktoria's mother Sabine Dräger. "After this they were quickly running across the street back to their house, wearing their bathrobes."

When Viktoria was still a small kid, Simone Kaulitz, the mother of the two brothers, was looking after her, when her parents were out. Kaulitz was working as a day mother, her husband as a truck driver for a hardware store in Langenhagen. The parents moved their from eastern Germany because of this job.

"In the evenings, the truck was always parked in front of their house." remembers Sabine Dräger. The boys were also always visiting the house down the street. Daughter Melanie was with them at kindergarten.

"Bill has always been the more feminine one of the two." says mother Petra Weigert. Bill, who wears a lot of make up today and who has an androgynous image, liked to dress up back then. But not like other boys as a cowboy or a knight - a photo shows him dressed up as the fortuneteller Esmeralda.

"He always had such visionary costumes" says Petra Weigert. His mother made them, who was famous for here artistic talents. Her services were appreciated when it came to wedding dresses.

The wall of the twins' bedroom was painted with a Mikey Mouse - including a E-guitar in it's hands.

"They both were very fussing with their stuff." Drägers and Weigert agree. Bill let no one touch his Barbie doll, which looked like a mermaid. "Especially, you weren't allowed to touch it's hair." , says Petra Weigert.

"But because of his likings for dolls, Bill was liked among the girls also back then."

They weren't afraid of the publicity. They were modeling a couple of times for a Langenhagener Store with chilren's clothes. And many Krähewinkeler were sitting in front of the TV, when the twins had a short appearance on a TV show.
"Always preppy , but also slightly extravagant" is the way, the Krähenwinkeler are describing Bill and Tom. Their trademark sign were bandannas.

Petra Weigert would have loved to cook for the young guests: "But when they were at our house, the only thing they wanted were pasta and ketchup."

Nice memories with a bitter taste: The two Tokio Hotel musicians Tom and Bill Kaulitz don't want to know anything about their past in Krähenwinkel.

There is a black hole in their biographies: born in Leipzig, grown up in Magdeburg.

When the Nordhannoversche asked their record company, they told them, that the musicians don't want any articles about their childhood in Krähenwinkel. That's the reason why there are no photos, other stuff and especially no interviews. The first time the Krähenwinkeler took notice of Bill again, was when he performed at the casting show Star Search.

They got to know about the bands success in the newspapers. Every tries to contact the twins through Internet or teen magazines failed. But stil, ex-neighbor Petra and daughter Melanie were at their first big gig in Magdeburg. Like many thousand fans they weren't able to get near the band.

Viktoria Dräger is a fan of her old childhood friends. She had a big poster in her room for a long time. She was at the fan meeting in Cologne last weekend. At least, there were doubles of her old friends. "The band is just amazing." she says. She especially likes the German lyrics.

Source: http://www.sn-online.de/newsroom/regional/art1065,662236
Translated by [Bad username: :queen_of_desire"]

Tom smirks: "My little brother is homesick. He talks about nothing all day long but his little bed in Germany."
So, for now, it's bye-bye to the US. The band is flying home tomorrow.
Source: http://www.bild.de/BILD/unterhaltung/leute/2008/09/10/tokio-hotel/auswanderung-in-die-usa.html
Last Kaulitz Birthday: Santa Monica, LA - just sitting around at beach.

Kaulitz twins dominate this TH TV episode!
Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 33]: Interview Above the Clouds

yay finish!!
wwjldkinkpink on September 1st, 2009 07:10 am (UTC)
Tom said first concert in Israel... this means there will be a second, right? RIGHT? D:

Bb I haven't seen like half of those before! Thank you! ♥
罗春花: billme_lon on September 1st, 2009 02:35 pm (UTC)
LOL Amen. amen sister >.< hope there will be next on in Israel. I don't expect much for Indonesia tho.

I haven't read them all too! actually haven't seen much of the links from Emynona there, gonna read them all as soon as i have the time and actually remember to go there =p
I have long ago intent to re-post some favorite stuffs from that comm, it's all about the actual post + the fan comments that make me hooked like mad for the 2.5 months lurking there months ago >.>
my pleasure to share, bb <3
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Cупер статья.Очень хорошо и подробно вы описали, спасибо.
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